We help our patients using a variety of physical therapy methods including:

Manual therapy
Soft tissue mobilization
Joint mobilization
Nerve mobilization
Therapeutic exercise
Blood flow restriction therapy
Proprioceptive neuromuscular feedback - PNF
Neuromuscular developmental treatment - NDT
Graded motor imagery
Mirror therapy
Taichi breathing exercises
Myofascial decompression - Cupping
Ultrasound, TENS, electric stimulation

We also apply some unique methods we have learned & developed over the years.


Taichi for Balance and Injury Prevention

Taichi, the soft and gentle exercise, was once known as the ultimate martial art in China, undefeated by all challengers. We have worked to bring the time tested methods of Taichi to help people move with more grace, strength, and balance for all activities of their life.



Accupressure for Pain Relief

Our collective urge to rub that bruise when we bump our shins is no coincidence. Our body is interlinked in numerous ways through which we can manage our pain symptoms. By combining traditional Chinese acupressure practices practiced by the Yu family with modern nerve and pain research, we are happy to be able bring you relief for many manners of pain. And furthermore, we believe in empowering you so that you can do so yourself at anytime.



Integrated Qinetix for Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's Disease, a condition which interferes with the movement of 6.3 million people world wide, can be improved!  In Integrated Qinetix, we combine the best elements of several disciplines to address the challenges faced by individuals with this condition:

  • Qigong to rejuvenate the health of the central nervous system
  • Pigua kungfu movements to improve one's speed, acceleration and balance
  • Taichi's method and philosophy of effortless, graceful movement
  • Calisthenic exercises' benefits on strength and flexibility
  • LSVT BIG exercises' clinically proven neuroprotective effect on our brain

Blood flow restriction therapy

Blood flow restriction therapy (BFR) is an effective way of stimulating our muscles to gain strength. By altering the blood flow to the muscles, the muscle feels greater challenge at lower loads. This allows you to push the muscle and build strength without relying on excessively heavy, joint-irritating weights. BFR has been shown to be effective for athletes pushing to break that plateau, as well as for helping individuals rehabilitate after surgeries to regain their muscles in a gentle, safe way.