Back to Sport - and TRIUMPH!

by Chester Lin


You twisted something. You heard a pop. It swelled up bigger than a soft ball.

We dread these words. And afterwards (after the pain has subsided a bit), comes the questions we ask: "When will I be able to play again?... Will I be able to play again?"

Thankfully the medical field is getting better all the time. Today I want to share with you a story of someone who experienced just this, and yet still went on to succeed!


Her Story

While competing in a kickboxing tournament, Jen felt a twist, heard a pop, and was informed that her ACL has been torn. For an athlete, who trains so many hours for every little percent of competitive advantage, it's easy to despair, to doubt that after surgery and rehab that you'll still have what it takes to be a champion. But Jen did not give up. She had her ACL repair and began her physical therapy as soon as her doctor permitted!


The Physical Therapy Journey

To make a long story short, Jennifer worked extremely hard at her knee rehabilitation here at Plexus Physical Therapy. We worked on the strength of her hips and legs, loosened and stretched muscles that were tight from both training and from surgery, and retrained her coordination and bio-mechanics so that not only would she be safe from re-injury, but she'll be faster and stronger than before!

Kicking better than ever!

Kicking better than ever!

Hard Work Pays Off

Last month, Jennifer entered and placed 1st in her division at the Golden Gloves National Tournament of Boxing! 

When I asked her how she felt, she told me she was very excited- not only of what she has accomplished, but also about all the potential that lies ahead. She's moving forward and entering in an international kickboxing tournament in Brazil, and will continue her boxing journey, with the "short term goal" of bringing home the 2016 Olympic medal for boxing! 

Proudly holding her medal!

Proudly holding her medal!

So as to the original question- when will I play again? The answer is the proverbial "it depends!" But I hope that Jen's success makes you feel that you can get better, that you can go back to play, to compete, and to win!  

Do you have any sports injury you're working on, or that you have overcome? Feel free to share your story in the comments.