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Biangan Whip Staff - Versatile Self Defense Weapon

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The whip staff was once the indispensable tool of the traders & caravan drivers along the silk road to drive their oxen. During their adventures along the silk road, the people of Northwestern China developed their daily tool into a martial art weapon that protected them from both human and wildlife hazards. Learn this agile and elegant martial art that will improve your core strength, your joint flexibility, and support you during your next hike!

Whip staff is taught as a part of our Traditional Chinese Weaponry class, Tuesdays and Thursdays 745-830pm.

Chester performs a whip staff routine at the USC Pacific Asia Museum's "A Day with Kungfu Masters" event in Pasadena, September, 2014.

Traditional Chinese Weaponry - A Cultural Martial Heritage

In 2010, master Wang Zhihai, a respected swordsman in China, chairman of the Cang province martial arts council, asked me to spread the art of Chinese swordsmanship in the United States. After busying myself for a few years in the physical therapy world, it's finally time to fulfill my promise to my dear teacher.

In the Traditional Chinese Weaponry class, we will learn basic through advanced concepts of swordsmanship, spear work, staff self defense and knife self defense. We take a gentle and easy to understand approach, practicing with respectful partners and training weapons. Our goal is to share these cultural knowledge that was developed over thousands of years while improving your coordination, footwork, reflexes, and self defense ability.

We practice different weapons throughout the year, depending on space, weather, and attendee interest. Please contact to find out what we're currently working on!



The pricing here at Plexus Physical Therapy is simple!

Day Pass: $15
Month Pass: $100

A pass is good for attending as many classes as you like during its duration. More classes will be added as we learn more about what will most interest and benefit you!



Family of 2: $90 per person / month
Family of 3: $80 per person / month
Family of 4: $70 per person / month



Every Friday 11am to noon we have our Community Meetup featuring Taichi push hand group practice. It's a fun and easy way to learn how to practice some of the key concepts of Taichi with a friendly partner. Completely free & beginner friendly. Space is limited, so please RSVP at our Meetup website.


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