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Balance Exercise Class

Good balance symbolizes the harmony between the yin and yang. Poor balance, on the other hand, makes us anxious, exhausted, confined. The good news is that our balance system is quite ready to improve!

Balance sENSES

Our balance sense is made up of a combination of three senses:

  • Vision - What do we see? How are we oriented compared to the wall, floor?

  • Vestibular - What do we feel? Are we tilting? Upside down? Are we moving? This is sensed by the canals in our ear.

  • Somatosensory - What are we standing on? Holding on to? This is sensed by our joints and particularly our feet.

Balance Techniques

Are you balanced sometimes, in some situations, but not in others? We have different ways of using our balance systems.

  • Anticipatory - Bracing and preparing for a movement you’re gong to make, like standing up, tip toeing, reaching for things.

  • Reactive Postural Control - Catching yourself when something unexpected knocks you off balance.

  • Sensory Orientation - Do you feel what you are standing on, and adjust your body for it? This affects you when you walk on soft dirt, uneven ground, hills.

  • Dynamic Balance - Keeping your balance as you move. This may affect you when you are looking for things in the grocery store, looking up at signs or down at your feet as you walk, stepping over your dog or cat, or talking with your friend as you walk.

Practice makes perfect

Our balance system is a combination of our senses, our brain’s processing, and our strength to react. Even if injury or events has impaired one of these faculties, there are a lot of ways our body can compensate successfully. In the balance class, you will practice and challenge yourself in all of these senses and techniques. People who have lived in fear have emerged happier, more confident, and safer.

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About the Instructor

Daniela Cervantes is a certified trainer who has worked with us for years helping clients and patients improve their health through a variety of health conditions. She provides group and one-on-one training for individuals with athletic goals as well as individuals with chronic disabilities. She custom tailors each class to the needs and ability of each attendee. Learn more about her and about the class on the Facebook group page here!



The pricing here at Plexus Physical Therapy is simple!

Day Pass: $15
Month Pass: $100

A pass is good for attending as many classes as you like during its duration. More classes will be added as we learn more about what will most interest and benefit you!



Family of 2: $90 per person / month
Family of 3: $80 per person / month
Family of 4: $70 per person / month



Every Friday 11am to noon we have our Community Meetup featuring Taichi push hand group practice. It's a fun and easy way to learn how to practice some of the key concepts of Taichi with a friendly partner. Completely free & beginner friendly. Space is limited, so please RSVP at our Meetup website.


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